Teaching Opportunities at an International School in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok, being one of the world’s most popular destinations for international educators, is a host to over 100 international schools. However, despite their popularity, many teachers have little knowledge about them. The crux of the matter is that Thailand has a highly diverse market for international schools, which is rapidly expanding, making it an ideal location for teachers to build a successful career.

As a teacher, gaining employment in an international school in Bangkok opens the path to vast networking opportunities. Also, over time and with years of experience under your belt, you can get job opportunities in a number of countries around the world. Though the earnings of teachers at the different international schools in Bangkok vary, most of them offer a salary scale that is enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Beyond salaries and benefits, international schools in Bangkok offer professional development and there are avenues for teachers to interact with some of the most experienced and talented educators around the world.

How International Schools Recruit Teachers

The hiring process for different international schools in Bangkok varies with school administrations. While some hire based on time or constraints in budget, others aim for consistency in recruiting the best international educators around the world. Though most international schools in Bangkok adhere to the calendar of Western schools, it is important to know the medium and time of recruitment to ensure consideration for your application.

One of the ways to find out if an international school in Bangkok has job openings for teachers is through their website. Asides posting available positions on their websites, many international schools tend to recruit teachers through ads and fairs, most commonly by International School Services and Search Associates.

Ways of Securing Employment at an International School in Bangkok

It can be difficult for aspiring educators to secure teaching job in an international school in Bangkok compared to their counterparts with teaching licenses in their home countries and many years of teaching experience. However, teachers can still land themselves a job in an international school in Bangkok through methods such as networking, professional hires, international hires, domestic hires and Substitute & Part-time Teaching.