Capitalization for the foreign businesses in Thailand

Upon doing the company registration in Thailand, you will have to figure out a great, unique way to capitalize your company. According to the foreign business act from 1999, you are restricted to have a foreign business in the country, unless you go through certain rules and regulations. Simply put, they want to protect the local businesses and the way they do that is by making it easier for locals to do company registration in Thailand instead of foreign people.

That being said, you can operate a retail business as a foreigner even if you don’t apply for the foreign business license. The idea here is to have a registered capital of around 100 million baht. The way we see it is that once you invest enough money, it will be easier for the government to see that you are a serious investor and someone that really deserves to do business in the country.

There are legal issues here, because you are allowed to do so for the retail businesses, but if you want a service business that will be restricted. Such an issue happens if the foreign business tries to expand and also offer some services related to customers that shop in the retail offering. That’s why the minimum capital of around 100 million baht may feel like much, but it’s actually an ok amount as long as you do tackle it correctly.

Of course, you also need to learn how to handle and manage all of this in a meaningful way. It’s a great and unique system that will do wonders and one that will bring in front some nifty results for sure. But it’s still important to do company registration in Thailand and also capitalize your business the right way. That’s the reason why having a good lawyer can be very important. It will make the entire process a whole lot easier whilst also bringing you a huge range of features and benefits to enjoy. It’s definitely worth the effort to capitalize your business in a meaningful way, and you can actually do that if you use a good and reliable professional.

The capital does need to be used solely for retail. If you try to open up any kind of service related to your business, you may end up being shut down, and that’s exactly what really matters in this situation. Make sure that you work closely with a dedicated professional that will help bring you all the features and necessary information. Done properly, this can help a lot, especially if you work with a true professional that did this multiple times.

The company registration in Thailand process is not simple if you are a foreigner. But it can still be done as long as you know how to tackle all of this correctly. You need to use this as an advantage and you have to take your time as you try to implement all the right ideas. It will certainly be worth your time, which is why you should at least check this out and see how it pans out!

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